Wondering about Hazardous Waste Disposal?

We are fortunate in Teton County to have a Household Hazardous Waste Facility the first and third tuesday of every month from April to October.

Call 307.733.7678 to make an appointment.

We accept the following types of items:

Flammable Liquids $4/gallon
Flammable Paint Products $4/gallon
Flammable Solids $5/gallon
Aerosols $.50 each
Antifreeze $4/gallon
Batteries $.25 each
Corrosives/Oxidizers $10/gallon
Mercury $1each /$50 gallon
Motor Oil $1/gallon
Contaminated Motor Oil $4.50/gallon
Poisons $2/gallon
Pesticides/Herbicides $3/gallon
Fluorescent Bulbs $.60 each
TVs/Computer Monitors $0.40/ pound

For more details, visit our county website here.