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RRR and the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum

Beginning in 2012 Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling (ISWR) partnered with the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum (JHCM) to develop and teach RRR related curriculum within their educational programming.  Utilizing RRR funding, the Children’s Museum created a dynamic and engaging RRR curriculum that is taught in Museum programming, as well as available to other interested organizations in the county.

During 2013, the Children’s Museum expanded their RRR programming with the Early Head Start/Head Start program (EHS/HS) by offering more workshops where parents and their children can be involved in activities in which they repurpose recycled materials while learning about the environmental impacts of recycling.

The Museum also developed programming for the 3rd through 5th grade English Language Learners (ELL) students with the goal of incorporating their knowledge of RRR principles and practices into community service projects.  This goal was achieved through a partnership with the Teton County School District, which offers 4-5 day camps to expose summer school students to the JHCM’s Re-Imagine It! Curriculum.  Students of this program completed a social action project entitled the “Litterless Lunch Project,” which addressed the topic of waste generated from school lunches.  The display they created is currently rotating around local schools to raise awareness of this issue.  Several of these students have since moved on to Colter Elementary where they serve as “RRR ambassadors” to their fellow students.

The RRR education and outreach that the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum accomplished is invaluable to the overall mission of the RRR campaign, and Teton County ISWR looks forward to continuing this valuable community partnership.

Visit the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum website to learn more about the programs they offer.

View and print an electronic copy of the Re-Imagine It! RRR curriculum  and photo journal. 

The Children’s Museum continues to educate and inspire the children (and parents!) of our community on the principles of RRR.