ABC’s of RRR

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* Aluminum Beverage Cans

* Aluminum Foil & Pie Plates Please keep separate from cans

* Batteries

* Cell Phones & Other Handheld Electronics

* Corrugated Cardboard Corrugated boxes with ridges & brown paper bags. No waxed boxes

* E-waste We accept old computers, cell phones, VCR’s, televisions, CD’s, DVD’s, etc.

* Glass Bottles & Jars Glass must be free of contamination

* Fluorescent Light Bulbs

* Household Hazardous Waste
* Magazines & Catalogs Glossy only
* Newspaper Newspaper & inserts that come with your paper
* Office Pack Includes a wide range of paper products

* Organic Waste Organic Yard Waste is accepted at the Transfer Station for $70/ton.

* Phone Books
* Plastic #1
* Plastic #2
* Propane Small, green, camping propane cylinders are accepted at the Recycling Center.
* Scrap Metal No appliances. No refrigerators, freezers or air conditioners!
* Scrap Wood Scrap wood is accepted at the Transfer Station for $70 per ton.

* Steel/Tin Food Cans

There is a $25,000 Federal Fine for improper disposal of freon